Are There Any Side Effects of Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery often seems to involve lesser risk as it only involves alteration or enhancement of a certain part of one’s body. But one has to keep it in mind that like other operations this kind of surgery is also having certain risk. Most of the times these risk may result into certain post-operative complications which might be cured by certain medications or a few surgeries might also be needed. Though rare because of some complications there are also cases of death as a result of cosmetic surgery.

Before opting for Cosmetic surgery one needs to keep in mind the followings:

General Risks and Complications:

It is absolutely important for oneself to be well informed about the surgical procedures and the side effects that may arise after cosmetic surgery. The most common complications are bad scars, rejection of the implant, tissue necrosis, damage of internal organs, blood loss, hematoma, seroma etc.

Cosmetic Surgery

The chances of these side effects increases with certain factors like age , poor general health condition, smoking habits, obesity , even some medications taken earlier. Depending upon all these factors a doctor will only be in a position to give a proper guidance to a person wanting to opt for cosmetic surgery. It is a must to have a good discussion with the doctor to be well informed about the post-operative risks and the complication that might arise during the operation.

Factors To Be Considered:

There are certain factors that people often forget to consider. First and the foremost is the credibility of the doctor. Prior to going under the knife it’s best to have a thorough checking of the doctor’s repute, his skills and most importantly if the patient is satisfied post operation.

Another important factor is to have a clear idea of you want and if that feature change will suit your body type and enhance your appearance. Many people found to dissatisfy because they didn’t consider this aspect. Even if the plastic surgery is done perfectly, you may find that it kills your look. So be sure before opting for cosmetic surgery.

Do always be correctly informed about certain facts. For example if you are going for liposuction of your tummy, chances are more that will if you gain fat in future it will be in other parts of your body as fat cells in other parts your body are intact while the same from tummy has been removed.

Also consider the fact that if you have a tendency of skin pigmentation chances of scarring will be more. A darker complexion also increases the chance of scar.

Always think about the deal you are getting, Apart from your health and look your most important consideration should be the doctor and the clinic. Don’t fall for a clinic which might offer you lucrative deal but don’t have the proper infrastructure or a good doctor or a good post-operative care unit.

So it is a must and most important to have a proper knowledge post-surgical side effects and the complications before you go for cosmetic surgery.